Quality landscaping sand

At Kevin Want Sand & Shale, you will find a range of quality sand products suitable for all landscaping projects.


We are specialists in bricklaying sand for mortar construction work. We also stock a range of washed sands suitable for sandpits and pavers.


All of our sand is available for wholesale and retail sale. Get in touch to find the best sand for your needs.

Bricklaying Sand

Many local bricklayers utilise our bricklaying sand as it binds well and makes it easier to lay bricks.


Our bricklaying sand is a blend of fine washed sands and more clay-like sand that sticks and adheres to the bricks. It is particularly good for mortar production and landscaping applications such as bagging walls, lining for ponds and pools.

Fill Sand

Fill sand compacts down solid, which makes it a suitable base for concreting, paving and path construction. It is also ideal for backfilling after plumbing and electrical works.


Our team can supply you with fill sand that is an ideal under fill solution for porous slabs.

Drainage Sand

If you have a lawn laid on very heavy clay and you’re trying to improve drainage, our drainage sand can be used as a suitable top dressing. This sand is well graded and coarse, which allows it to drain better than fine sands.

Washed Sand

Washed sands can be used for a number of building and landscaping applications.


Many people utilise this type of sand for children’s sandpits and long-jump pits. It is also suitable as a top dressing, bedding material and can be mixed into soil mixes.

White Sand

Kevin Want Sand & Shale stock white sand that is perfect for sandpits, playgrounds and making white mortar.


White sand is the cleanest option of sand available making it popular among local schools and day care centres. This sand does not bind well without the addition of moisture.

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